Taskforce Meeting on Household E-waste Management

The Project plans to establish a consultation platform, three (3) taskforces and a working group to jointly develop the Malaysian E-waste management system, involving all the relevant stakeholders.  The intent of having these organizations is based on the recognition that the process of building the new E-waste Management system is also the mechanism of building the consensus among all the stakeholders about how we should properly manage E-waste to reach the common target but with different roles and responsibilities.

The roles and responsibilities among the stakeholders including the government, electrical and electronic manufacturers, retailers, collectors, recyclers, and consumers must be clearly and fairly defined and determined based on their understanding and consensus since the Project will involve various new actions by them such as establishment of new laws and regulations, new investment in facility development (collection, storage and recycling of E-waste), sharing the cost of proper recycling, behavioral change of all stakeholders, and so forth.  It is indispensable that the different stakeholders such as E-waste generators, dealers, collectors, recycling companies and manufactures participate in the Project from the preparation stage of the systems.

The Project, through taskforce meetings, provides opportunities for all the stakeholders to express and discuss the different views of relevant stakeholders to reach the final agreements.  It will be the foundation of the E-waste management in this country that is not just the replications of other countries, but unique mechanism based on the socio-economic and cultural background of Malaysia.

From August 2015 until December 2017, Taskforce meetings were held with the participation of members from DOE HQ, government agency, NGOs, municipal waste collection concessionaires, manufacturers and importers of E-appliances, and E-waste Alam Alliance members (retailers, recyclers). In the course of meetings, new regulation was drafted and guidelines will be developed for Household E-waste in Malaysia. All inputs and comments from the taskforce members are to be considered and incorporated to reach the final consensus on the guidelines.

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