E-Waste Collection Program At Kuala Nerus, Terengganu

Date : 22 January 2022
Time : 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.
Venue : Tapak Pasar Malam Gong Badak, Kuala Nerus
Organizer 1. Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS) Negeri Terengganu
2. Majlis Bandaraya Kuala Terengganu (Cawangan Kuala Nerus)
3. Pejabat Daerah Kuala Nerus
4. Syarikat KT Wan Recycle


E-waste Collection Program held at Tapak Pasar Malam Gong Badak, Kuala Nerus received positive response form the citizen of Kuala Nerus although this is the first e-waste collection program at the area. 

YBrs. Encik Ramli bin Abd. Rahman, Director of JAS Terengganu who attend along with Deputy Director, Encik Zakaria bin Ahmad said that they manages to receive more than three tonnes of e-waste.

He guarantees that program like this will be continued to ensure e-waste managed properly and safely, for the well -being of the environment and the whole of life.